Soma Life Coaching -- Six Wellness Modules

Soma healing

build emotional strength

This Course is the foundation of Soma Life Coaching. Discover your thinking, behaving, and emotional patterns and learn about Soma Cycling.

Soma Nourishment

aware eating (food peace)

Transition from dieting to nourishing! This course combines mindful, aware eating with inspiring nutrition.

Soma Habits

Transform Habits

You have the power to T.U.R.N. from unwanted behaviors to authentic self-expression. Learn practical tools to both break and build new habits.

Soma Fitness

Move and breath

Get motivated to move, stretch and breathe for optimal physical and emotional ease.

Soma Planning

purposeful planning

Learn to FOCUS BLOCK your time and plan and live in ways that align with your values. This system will radically reduce stress and increase personal and professional fulfillment.

Soma Finance

purposeful Spending

Discover your emotional and practical patterns surrounding your relationship with money. Create a budget, financial goals and learn to spend from a centered place instead of lack.

6 Wellness Modules Fostering Whole Person ( SOMA ) Tranformation

How it works:

  A Zoom Call with Dr. Kutsko
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You will be assigned a certified Soma Life Coach 
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Cost: $250 per module.
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Each Module Includes:

4 One-on-one - Coaching Sessions
Zoom Group calls with Dr. Kutsko on Sunday evenings
Online course
4 - Inspiring Webinars

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