Wellness Coaching Certificates

Build a Holistic Practice.
Support your clients in a body-centered wellness program.

Receive guidance on how to coach and support your client through 5 different wellness courses. Dr. Kutsko has created the interactive courses for your clients and you provide the coaching. Our certificate program trains you in each area of wellness, using video and written instructions, with a focus on how to coach others through the Wellness Courses and logs. 

Your client purchases the course from Soma Life Coaching and you provide the coaching. Each course has a log which client can send to you or bring into sessions to discuss. 

Earn Certificates: Two options

One wellness certificate at a time:
All 5: $1195 (save $100)
Each certificate includes:
Online training through video and written instruction guiding you how to coach each chapter of the wellness course and how to guide and support your client using the course log.
The same course your client will receive
A certificate badge you can add to your website
Access to participate as an affiliate in Soma Life Coaching's Soma Circles . 

Certificate Cost

Soma Habits Certificate. $259
Soma Nourish Certificate $259
Soma Planning Certificate $259
Soma Finance Certificate $259
Soma Fitness Certificate $259
All Five Certificate $1195