Earn a Certificate in the Soma Cycle™ Method

The Soma Cycle™ facilitates emotional healing through sensory-sased emotional processing. The body, when supported, naturally transitions through stages of healing.

Help your clients:

Understand and Unwind the parts of your adaptive self
Reduce or alleviate longstanding protective patterns 
Process buried stuck emotions and orphaned parts of self
Transform long-held unwanted core beliefs
The 4-phase method utilizes:
Create a felt sense of safety and support in the body.
Guidance on the felt sense inquiry (Gendlin). Build clients' interoceptive awareness.
Inner child dialogue. 
Breathwork and many other "physicalizing" interventions to activate somatic connection and emotional expression (Bi-lateral stimulation, tapping, qi-gong, sounding & movement practices). Tools to break through the shut down response.
Breathwork and NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) prompts to calm the nervous system, and facilitate the imprinting of new beliefs.
Mindfulness, centering and visualization to help client access their adult self and capacity to access an always available internal resting place. 
Parts understanding and dialogue to assist in replacing identification with story, shape and shadow with observation, compassion and curiosity.
Tools to soften and surrender adaptive somatic bracing.

Earn a Certificate in the Soma Cycle™ Method

Learn how to guide your clients through the Soma Cycle™ Method proven effective at resolving some of your clients’ most obstinate patterns and stuck emotions. Upon completion of training, you will receive Certificate badge and have permission to state in your bio:
Certified in the Soma Cycle™ Method or
Certified Soma Cycle™ Practitioner

The Training Includes:

On demand training course explaining each phase of the Soma Cycle™, including video and audio instruction.
Four live zoom classes with Dr. Kutsko. Includes practice opportunities with supervision and feedback.
A Soma Healing course your clients can purchase: The Soma Healing course includes interactive worksheets your client can send to you or bring to sessions. The course and worksheets correlate with and prepare clients for Soma Cycle™ sessions with you. 
Option to earn income through participation in the Soma Circle Affiliate Program. Includes potential invitation to Lead Soma Circles.

Certificate Cost

$495 (two-month payment plan available)
Start learning right away as soon as you register with online training course. Course includes videos of Dr. Kutsko combined with written teaching clearly guiding you how to lead a Soma Cycle™ session.Participate in upcoming bi-Monthly live supervision and practice group.


2024 Schedule:  March, May, July, September, November.
Every other month we start a new cohort.
Live zoom classes offered each Thursday at 6:00 pm cst. Replays or One-on-One guidance available if you can not attend during this time.
$247.50 Two-month payment plan
$450 Pay at once (save $45)