The Soma Cycle™
A Body-Centered Processing Method

Why Soma: We use the body (Soma) as a source of information and regulation.
Why Cycle: We sequentially dialogue with three different parts of self.

Soma Life Coaches are trained to guide you through a coaching method Dr. Kutsko created called The Soma Cycle™
. During a Cycle, .with whatever challenge you are encountering, you will identify with your coach the three parts of self contributing to your suffering and engage in a body-centered dialogue with each: 
Mind: core belief/ narrative, voice of inner critic
Adaptation: your embodied, automatic pattern of self-protection 
Origin: the emotional memories that drive mind and adaptations
Your coach will support you to cycle from your mind into your body where adaptive patterns and emotion are felt.  
The method goes beyond words by facilitating somatic listening and expression; communication occurs through the language of the body (sound, emotion, gesture).
The process untangles confusion, releases emotional stress, awakens authenticity and facilitates the receiving of self kindness. We return home to our true nature of peace.

This process guides you to
Sense into your body; listen to the voice and wisdom of the body. 
Open to whatever is arising with permission, acceptance and non-resistance. Offer kindness.  
Move what emerges with physical and emotional expression. 
Awaken to truth from your heart, higher self, or higher power.
Soma Cycle™ sessions


To purchase half or full hour live Soma Cycle sessions contact your coach or Request a coach here if you do not already have one.

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