Soma Life Coaching™ Membership 

Each month we focus on one area of wellness as a community. Commit for 6 months and watch your life transform emotionally, physically, financially and relationally.

Membershsip includes:
A group class, An online course with coaching, A group emotional processeing Breathwork session. 

Intro 15 minute Coaching Session   .....

What's Included in Monthly Membership:

Group Class With a Course
One Hour Group Class

Choose one habit to build or break in any area of wellness.

Use our T.U.R.N. process to get motivated and empowered to follow through.

1-1 Coaching
Online with option of live Coaching 

Each Circle includes a guided Soma Cycle™ Process. Unwind protective patterns, limiting beliefs and cast away "shadow" emotions.

The Cycle uses music, movement, breath, and sound to help you get unstuck.

Soma Cycle™ Group  Breathwork Session

At the core of our coaching is what we call The Soma Cycle™. This is a Sensory Based Emotional Processing Method. Cycle any challenge or emotional block with your coach using our powerful parts-based method.

From a place of centeredness and intuition, following the group Soma Cycle™, you will be guided to plan your upcoming week.

Leave with enthusiasm, clarity purpose and a plan for the week ahead.

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Group Membership: $49 per month
• Unlimited access to monthly Soma Wellness Class (first Tuesday of month, 6:00 pm) and Breathwork Sessions (third Tuesday, 6:00 pm)
• Access to the Soma Coaching Portal with practical in
depth wellness courses, videos and digital wellness logs
• Online feedback to Monthly wellness Course submissions from Certified Soma Life Coach.
• All included with group membership
• Two 30-45 minute coaching sessions with Certified Soma Life Coach
• Send Coach your wellness logs daily or weekly
• All included with group membership
• Four 30-45 minute coaching sessions with Certified Soma Life Coach
• Send Coach your wellness logs daily or weekly

A specific coach can be requested at check out.

Soma Wellness 2024 Calendar  

Soma Habits - June 
-Nourishment - July
Soma Healing -  August
BREATH Fitness - Sept
Mindful Budgeting - Oct
Purposeful Planning - non

Each is covered in an in-depth online course combined with a live workshop and the option for one-on-one Coaching.
Join our body-centered tribe and commit to your growth and purpose. 

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