Soma Circles & Soma Coaching 

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A Soma Circle is a community gathering with a focus on planning the upcoming week, setting wellness intentions and using the Soma Cycle™ Method to process emotional blocks. 

At the core of each Circle is what we call The Soma Cycle™. This is a Sensory Based Emotional Processing Method. Cycle out of your worrying mind and into your body and breath where healing happens.

What's Included in Each Soma Circle:

In one area of Wellness

Choose one habit to build or break in any area of wellness.

Use our T.U.R.N. process to get motivated and empowered to follow through.

Emotional Processing

Each Circle includes a guided Soma Cycle™ Process. Unwind protective patterns, limiting beliefs and cast away "shadow" emotions.

The Cycle uses music, movement, breath, and sound to help you get unstuck.

Plan Your Week

From a place of centeredness and intuition, following the group Soma Cycle™, you will be guided to plan your upcoming week.

Leave with enthusiasm, clarity purpose and a plan for the week ahead.

Inspired by our Circles?
Add additional support:

Group Membership: $49 per month
• Unlimited access to all Soma Circles
• Access to Soma Coaching Portal with six practical in
depth wellness courses, videos and digital wellness logs
• Soma Wellness in-depth live workshop.
Next Workshop: Tuesday, March 19th, 7:00 pm: Soma Habits 
• All included with group membership
• Two 30-45 minute coaching sessions with Certified Soma Life Coach
• Send Coach your wellness logs daily or weekly
• All included with group membership
• Four 30-45 minute coaching sessions with Certified Soma Life Coach
• Send Coach your wellness logs daily or weekly

A specific coach can be requested at check out.

Soma Wellness  

We cover the following Wellness themes:

Building and breaking habits -Nourishment & Emotional eating - BREATH Fitness - Mindful Budgeting -Purposeful Planning

Each is covered in an in-depth online course combined with a live workshop and the option for one-on-one Coaching.
Join our body-centered tribe and commit to your growth and purpose. 

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    One-on-One Coaching Sessions

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