“I do want to tell you how much I am appreciating all of the information and support you and the program is giving me! I am much more aware of my thoughts and ways I am self-protecting. I feel like I am making progress in nurturing myself if only by the awareness, as a start. I am enjoying your style, compassion & I’m looking forward to joining the group tomorrow.”

"Through this program I lost the weight, have kept it off, and have become a healthier person. I no longer feel the desire for naps during the day. I have a lot more energy in spite of getting very little sleep at night. My skin looks better; my hair is shinier; I have not been sick at all; I seem to cope with stress a little better; and I am generally a healthier person."
Nancy.  Haverhill MA

“Can’t believe how comprehensive your program is! How long did it take to write all this material? You’ve really pulled together a deep healing approach.Thanks!”

“I want to thank you with all my heart for this program. I am so amazed at how much it has helped me in so many different ways! The program helped me to recognize the weak areas in my life, why they are weak and how to change them. Bringing to my attention the shame that goes along with decisions I was making and learning that there are other choices I can make was life changing. I now recognize the choices I make, I am in touch with why I am making those choices and how I am going to feel afterwords. I have grown so much, I feel even if I slip back to an old pattern, I feel it right away and know that is not the way I want to be and I do not have to spiral out of control like I have in the past. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I know when my friends and family see the change in me they will ask me what happened to me and I will be thrilled to tell them about you and your program! You have given me the resources to be strong and able!”

“The Soma Coaching Program is an extraordinary blend of transformational tools that create instant results. I am very grateful to this program which is at last finally providing me with what my body, soul and spirit desire to fully heal and grow. I encourage everyone at any level of healing and recovery to join this great program.”

“ When I feel too tired to try anymore Dr. Kutsko's enthusiasm, convictions and patient understanding help me get back on the wagon, and thanks to my Green drink my carbo/sweet cravings have been cut by about 75% (this is the first time ANYTHING has worked on that)!! Dr. Kutsko has helped me become more aware of my food choices, healthy or not, so I steer more to healthy ones.”
Florance Gaia, Colorado

“This lesson is SO PROFOUND! It is worth it’s weight in gold in the whole program. Really get’s to the core. I am so deeply touched with this one. You taught it so beautifully yesterday! Thanks for sharing these profound insights.”

“I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS PROGRAM !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! This is so much of what I am in align with & the support I am looking for. I have not resonated with other health and weight management support systems out there. I am excited to see results I’ve achieved already. Soma
coaching has been phenomenal! 

“This is a program of reflection and transformation. I have been part of two Coaching Programs and it has been a process of really getting to know myself, which has brought extreme awareness within. Dr. Kutsko is a truly compassionate teacher and coach. She guides us through steps that encourage and teach us how to live a healthier, happy life. I personally realize that many of the food triggers have been deeply embedded for years and years and years. Through Soma Coaching, I have connected with those triggers in a conscious way.
Mary Beth

“Completing the program was something I never thought I could do, but with Dr. Kutsko's guidance and support I was able too! I feel amazing! It taught me the importance of eating to live rather than living to eat. Definitely a life changing experience!”
Susan B

“This course is about so much more than weight or health…It has positively impacted my self image and my relationships with others. I am discovering the ‘why’ behind eating patterns. It is not about ‘depriving’ myself of certain foods to lose weight, but rather choosing the foods that are in tune with what I really want: a healthy and happy me! The end result is true freedom: A guiltless state of self-acceptance!”

“Carolyn’s multi-faceted approach; spirit, mind and body, is vital to good health. The Green drink not only helps alkalize your body, but also trains your body to want to eat green vegetables and foods that are more sustaining, and more energizing. I was eating a ton of carbs and chocolate, however, with 3 bottles of Greens a day I was able to rid that craving and eat other foods that were satisfying. Carolyn also helped my husband plan a healthy diet for a very strenuous job that had strange eating times. Not only did he lose 20 lbs. easily, his blood pressure dropped dramatically with Carolyn’s combination of the alkalizing green drink, proper food, exercise, and spiritual counseling. If you are serious about changing your life for life, then Carolyn is a coach you want. Her personalized program and support can not be found or measured in any other program. Here’s to a new beginning!”
Pamela Vazquez, Haverhill, MA

“I just wanted to say thank you for todays call. It has been amazing to me how much I have learned about myself, just by “checking in” with what I am feeling. The biggest thing I have gotten from this is to not beat myself up if I am not able to do it 100%. I have really found a space for myself that is forgiving. I thank you for that.”

“Really, giving me this push will force me to face things – you are terrific!! And greatly appreciated. You know I keep a diary of our conversations and I see that I have grown more than I realize and that your wisdom is excellent. You really are terrific!!!”

"The Soma Coaching program helped me improve my health, and stress. The Time Management Program has enabled me to plan and achieve so much more every week. Working with a coach helped me actually plan weekly instead of just thinking about planning. I needed the accountability. Thank you!
Tom K.