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The Soma Cycle rewires the mind creating new neuro-pathways

Experience a body/mind reset for your health, energy, life and emotional balance.

Release habits that trap your spirit. Recollect your fully awake and loving presence. Open to, remember, and realize your full potential.

In soma life coaching, we teach six main areas of wellness (see bottom of page) and combine these teachings with a body centered, coaching model, we call: “The Soma cycle”.

Our Soma Community provides a guided inner journey combining A soma cycle session with Somatic Breathwork  helping you sense and listen to your body, Hold yourself in tenderness, release tension and see more clearly what you want to manifest or clear out of your life.

Receive one on one soma cycle and wellness support with a certified soma life coach for added support.

Soma Community

Bi weekly Soma Cycle & Breathwork sessions  (1st and 3rd wednesdays)
Experience guided inner journey identifying mind narratives, protective adaptations, where they originated from and most importantly, the remembrance of your original nature: love. After guided verbal process, Dr. Kutsko will guide you in a Somatic Breathwork session: release what is blocking you and receive and revive your true self.

Monthly wellness workshops
On the last Sunday of each month join dr k and other soma coaches to go is on one wellness topic. Will combine teaching with self- discovery writing and small group interaction and sharing June’s workshop: soma habits

Soma Coaching

At any point sign up for one on one coaching with a Certified Soma Life Coach.

Your coach can guide you through individual Soma Cycle Sessions around any presenting issue.
Coaches are also trained to support and guide you through any of the Soma Wellness Courses.
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Soma Life Coaching: Mental Health Meets Life Goals


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If interested in one on one coaching w certified soma life coach, click here and we will connect you to a coach who best meets you our needs.
Dr Kutsko has her PhD In clinical psychology with a specialization in somatic psychology. She holds certifications in: somatic breathwork, emdr, phoenix rising yoga therapy, relational somatic psychology, mindfulness based stress reduction, Thai yoga massage, and health coaching. She is passionate about training others and spreading the work of body centered healing and its influence on overall wellbeing.