Embodied Self Awareness
The Whole of our Livingness

Embodied Attunement   
Empowerment through Embodiment

Where Emotional healing meets Practical living

Dr. Kutsko created Soma Life Coaching because she consistently observed her clients need for both emotional and practical support. Additionally, she found lasting transformation occurs when mental health treatment is grounded in Somatic (body-centered) work.

As a result, she created Soma Life Coaching
: a mental health/trauma-informed model of coaching that sensitively combines The Soma Cycle™ processing method with practical living guidance and support.

What is Soma Membership? Each week we focus on one wellness theme while using The Soma Cycle™ to work through emotional blocks.

As a Soma Member you receive:

Daily Wellness Inspiration 
Receive a 5 minute webinar  in your inbox every day on one of our 6 different Soma Wellness Topics. Click here for calendar.
Courses with Coaching 
Receive access to all six courses. Your own Soma Life Coach will respond to your comments on our APP.  Membership includes one introductory live 30 monthly session. Additional sessions can be purchased.
Weekly Breathwork

Experience the power of the Soma Cycle™ processing method combined with Breathwork. Release the emotional tension holding you back.

Coach Certification & Certificate Programs

Soma Life Coaching also prepares and certifies individuals  who have an interest in Somatics, Wellness, Mindfulness, Breathwork, and Emotional Healing to become Certified Soma Life Coaches. 

Certificate only options are available for therapists and certified coaches looking to create a more holistic practice.
The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to ones path towards remembering their wholeness.
A journey to our center and then back out into the world.