Embodied Self Awareness
The Whole of our Livingness

Embodied Attunement   
Empowerment through Embodiment

Where Emotional healing meets Practical living

Dr. Kutsko created Soma Life Coaching after consistently observing her clients need for both emotional processing and real life, practical support.

Why Soma
: Because talking just isn't enough. Lasting transformation occurs when mental health treatment is grounded in relationally supportive, body-centered emotional work in combination with somatically life-giving practices. 

As a result, she created Soma Life Coaching
™, a body-centered and trauma-informed model of healing that sensitively combines The Soma Cycle™ processing method with practical-living guidance and support in Soma Circle gatherings and affordable group or one-on-one live coaching.

What is Soma Circle? A self-growth gathering offering eduction, connection, and embodied emotional processing. Try one out for free!
Carolyn Kutsko, PhD

Join a Soma Circle: 

Each Circle covers a motivational process to Transform a habit in any area of wellness. 
Each circle includes a guided Soma Cycle™ emotional processing experience. Somatically clear emotional blocks keeping you stuck.  

Each circle concludes with intuitive planning for the week ahead from a place of embodied connectedness. 

Practitioner Certificates and Full Coach Certification  

Soma Life Coaching also prepares and certifies individuals who have an interest in Somatics, Wellness, Mindfulness, Breathwork, and Emotional Healing to become Certified Soma Life Coaches. 

Certificate only options are available for therapists and certified coaches looking to create a more holistic practice. Learn a body-centered processing method: The Soma Cycle™ with the option to also coach a variety of area of wellness and facilitate Soma Circles.

If you are seeking full Coaching Certification

If you are a therapist or previously certified coach

The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to ones path towards remembering their wholeness.
A journey to our center and then back out into the world.