Embodied Self Awareness 
An Energized and Enlivened Body

Embodied Attunement   
Empowerment through Embodiment

Become a certified Soma Life Coach and receive lifetime access to interactive online wellness courses!

What is soma life coaching?

Soma Life Coaching is an interactive, online program created by Carolyn Kutsko, PhD. We help our coaches master somatic coaching, emotional wellness, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, time management, financial planning, and habit transformation. Over the next seven months, you will develop the confidence and skills necessary to guide your clients from resistance, fear and shame into confidence, embodiment and empowerment.

Once you obtain your Soma Life Coaching certificate, you will have lifetime access to our wellness courses. You provide the coaching and let our courses provide your clients with videos, worksheets, and transformational educational materials. Course material can easily be used in workshop, group and retreat settings. 
The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to ones path towards wholeness. A journey to our center and then back out into the world.                                                              


~ Individuals with a background in health, wellness, bodywork, mindfulness, or somatics.

~ Therapists interested in incorporating somatics and holistic wellness into their practices.

~ Life or health coaches wanting to expand their ability to create lasting transformation.

Soma Life Coach® training will equip you to offer Somatic Coaching in combination with six cutting edge holistic wellness courses.


• Soma Life Coaches® offer Wellness Courses to their own clients (see courses below).
• Courses are offered through an interactive 
e-Learning platform (coassemble).
• Course content includes audio material, videos, visual graphics, and worksheets.
• Courses give clients the opportunity to interact with their coach online at end of each chapter.
Soma Coaches® are trained to provide wellness courses 100% online, online with live support, and through workshops, retreats, and seminars.


Soma Healing

* Increase present-moment awareness and emotional calm

* Learn to work through emotional distress

* Identify and transform damaging coping patterns

* Consistently move toward your confident, centered and vibrant self

Soma Movement

* Get motivated to move!

* Discover the impact of exercise and breathing on emotional health

* Learn building muscle strengthening exercises & stretching postures (yoga)

* Discover inhalation techniques to calm anxiety and increase mindfulness

Soma Nutrition

* Transform shame-based unconscious eating with mindful nurture eating

* Learn a whole foods enlivening approach to nutrition

* Create a "true to you" meal plan that works with your lifestyle

* Discover recipes and food preparation tools to set you up for success. 

Soma Planning

* Learn a life planning system to reduce stress, increase productivity, create life balance, and improve relationships

* Use customized goal setting and weekly planning to reduce stress, increase productivity, create life balance, and improve relationships

* Discover how to find time for what matters most 

Soma habits

* Discover cognitive behavioral tools to transform any habit

* Name and identify what triggers your behaviors

* Learn to tame the urge and reduce compulsive movement toward negative behaviors

* Focus on your desired outcomes and outline the steps needed to get there.

Soma finances

* Learn how to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, and save for leisure activities

* Understand how to reach financial goals by identifying your income, expenses, and savings


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