Soma Life Coaching
 Three Month Program
"Get Coached"

Listen to Dr. Kutsko share the heart of the Soma Life Coaching program: The Soma Cycle & The Soma Lifestyle.
This On Demand webinar provides an overview of the coaching program and the Soma Cycle.

The Soma Lifestyle -- Three Month Transformational Program
A Way of Life Grounded in Body Wisdom

Holisitic and relational--Six areas of wellness -- one-on-one coaching -- group support --profound content & Inspiration.
If you struggle with living in your thoughts, emotional overwhelm, unwanted eating patterns, exercise resistance, spending challenges, weight or health issues, productivity, life purpose or emotional pain, we have an affordable program that will help!

Guaranteed or your money back.

Soma healing

build emotional strength

This Course is the foundation of Soma Life Coaching. Discover the thinking, behaving, and emotional patterns that create your state.

Soma Nourishment

aware eating (food peace)

Transition from dieting to nourishing! This course combines mindful, aware eating with inspiring nutrition.

Soma Habits

Transform Habits

You have the power to TURN from unwanted behaviors to authentic self-expression.

Soma Fitness

Move and breath

Get motivated to move, stretch and breathe for optimal physical and emotional ease.

Soma Planning

purposeful planning

Learn to FOCUS BLOCK your time and live from authentic self-expression.

Soma Finance

purposeful Spending

Discover your emotional and practical patterns with money. Create a budget, financial goals and spend from a centered place instead of lack.

Soma Coaching Fosters
Whole Person ( SOMA ) Transformation

3 Month Coaching Package:

Real Support from your own Soma Life Coach: includes one live 30 minute check session beginning each month, followed by intense online and text coaching support.   $39
Life Changing Content: Receive Six in-depth, interactive and engaging lifestyle/wellness courses and receive direct feedback and interaction from your Soma Life Coach. Send logs from each lifestyle course weekly to your coach.   $39
Soma-Community weekly group call: Somatic practices, embody and envision your week & habits and participate in a guided group Soma Cycle process led by Dr. Kutsko. 7:00-8:00 pm Sunday evenings.
Cost: $159 per month for three months
Add additional live Coaching Sessions with coach as needed. Each coach has their own rate for private Soma Cycle sessions based upon level of experience. The average rate is $50 per half-hour.  Sessions include Soma Cycling areas of "stuckness" in addition to discussing logs from wellness courses.


Cost: $159 per month Recurring for three months

Purchase Soma Cycle sessions directly from your Soma Life Coach.

Coaching Includes:

Education and Inspiration
Six Interactive Soma Wellness Courses with video, logs to submit to coach, and much more.
A Communiity
Join Dr. Kutsko and other learners and coaches on weekly call for somatic practice, envisioning, learning and sharing.
Personalized Coaching Support
Your own coach to guide you through each Area of Wellness. Soma Life Coaches are trained to hold safe supportive space inviting your embodied growth and self awareness.
Soma Community
$ 30

• Soma Healing Course
• Sunday Eve Group Calls.
Soma support
$ 159

• Soma Community
• One Live 1-1 Coaching Session
•  Unlimited online Support
• All 6 Courses
Soma Max support
$ 279

• Soma Community
• Soma Support
 - PLUS-
Four 1-1 Coaching Sessions with Your Soma Life Coach.

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