become a Certified Soma Life Coach®
Nine Month Training

Steps to become certified:

soma cycle Coaching
Months 1-4
Dr. Kutsko will teach you a somatic based coaching model to help clients work through emotional blocks, transform limiting beliefs and shift protective patterns into authentic self-expression. Meet weekly for 8 weeks.

Soma Wellness Coaching
Months 5-9
Meet bi-weely and practice coaching one another through wellness courses while also practicing the Soma Cycle coaching method. Wellness courses can be mastered at own pace, with Weekly webinars sent out and available on demand.

Soma Cycle Practicum
Months 5-9
Begin your paid coaching practice under supervision. Work with clients from the "Get Coached" program and from your own marketing and meet with Dr. Kutsko either in group or privately for supervision.
Soma Cycle Training: First 8 weeks. Meet Weekly.
Next Cohort starts on March 7th
(Dr. Kutsko caps group at 15 members so space is limited.)

Learn our core coaching model, The Soma Cycle, and other Somatic Coaching Methods.

Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Training Includes:

• Practical steps to guide your client through the Soma Cycle (Sense. Open.Move.Awaken.) Cycle clients from suffering into Soma, an integrated mind-body state grounded in present moment awareness.
• Explore the interrelationships and facilitate dialogue between mind, adaptations, and emotions. Transform reactive and addictive patterns into authentic choice. See all blocks through lens of parts interacting.
• Learn empathetic, attuned listening and motivational interviewing skills.
• Guide clients into present moment, compassionate self-leadership.
• Theories of attachment (relationship theory), neuroscience, polyvagal theory, and bioenergetics.
• Learn the distinction between embodied awareness (direct experience) and narrative communication. Guide clients into direct embodied experience.
• Move clients toward deeper connection with their felt sense and a more integrated sense of wholeness.
• How to use "bottom up" (somatic) interventions to support wellness
• Help clients access a deeper range of feeling states through various forms of movement, breathing, somatic opening and expression.
• Body-Centered Qi Gong and meditation.
“Very informative and enlightening on what it means to be a Somatic Coach. The training will make you self-reflect as you learn Somatic approaches to healing.
– Matt Anderson
Soma Lifestyle Training
6 Wellness Modules
Months 5-9 of training

Zoom classes Offered on 2st and 4th Tuesday's from 7:00-8:00 pm

1. You will be paired with another coach and practice coaching one another through each course while also participating in group "Get Coached" calls when able. Practice using elearning platform with your co-coach so you are prepared to use with your own clients.

2. Join the bi-weekly call and coach one another with Dr. Kutsko's supervision in zoom break out rooms.

3. Complete the following self-study Courses and quizzes: Motivational Interviewing, Somatic Coaching, Coaching Core Competencies (Ethics, When to refer, and Coaching Agreement).

4. Meet with Dr. Kutsko at end of each month for live review of material competency.

Each week, read one chapter of course (the same course your clients will read) and then the "coach the course" correlating material & webinar which explains how to coach your client through that chapter. We will cover one course every month. The coach the course course teaches how to work with the material with your clients including coaching objectives, questions, logs to use and more.

Passing live and written quiz for each course is required to earn your certificate.

Coaches have up to one year to complete all six modules.

Practice Coaching Clients with Supervision.

Soma Practicum - Months 5-9

Begin your coaching practice with Soma Healing and the Soma Cycle under supervision. You will have clients from the "Get Coached" program and meet with Dr. Kutsko either on group call or privately once per month for supervision. Supervision fee: $50 per 1/2 hour session if you can not make the group call.

“Dr. Kutsko has developed a simple yet profound program that allows anyone to work through their most challenging life events, as well as just the day to day stresses of managing time, emotional eating, finances & relationships.  I highly recommend taking this training.”
– Erin Lindsay O'Meara


$1,110  - ( NOW $1,010  )
This is an introductory rate. Will increase to $3200 in 2024.
Lifetime Access to Wellness Courses
Soma Life Coaching Certificate
$185: Six Monthly Installments
Lifetime Access to Wellness Courses
Soma Life Coaching Certificate

Certification Benefits:

• Obtain your official Soma Life Coaching certificate which can be displayed on your website and social media accounts.
• Start your own customizable website with the Soma Coaching logo and Soma graphics (additional fee based on your needs).
• Easily customizable marketing flyers and social media content.
• Ability to re-take training courses.

Soma Online Courses
Dr. Kutsko has created six interactive online courses using the Coassemble E-Learning platform. These courses can be used in combination with your coaching sessions, groups, retreats and workshops. Dr. Kutsko has done the work of creating a holistic blend of wellness courses needed for personal transformation and is placing them in your hands.

As a Soma Life Coach, you will have the skills and tools to support your client using cutting edge somatic coaching skills in addition to transformational information in time management, fitness, finances, nutrition, emotional eating, habit transformation and emotional healing. Training includes coaching ethics, the coaching agreement, and business launch marketing options & resources.

Participate in a collaborative marketing model. In this model, clients initial coaching packages have a set price which is shared between you and Soma Life Coaching. If clients sign up for additional live coaching, you set the price for these sessions and receive all the income.
"The course material created by Carolyn herself is extremely powerful material you won’t find anywhere else. It completely makes sense of complex concepts. She has developed powerful tools for each of life’s critical areas, such as time management, health and finance that, step by step, put your life together in a way that builds emotional health. After Going through the course,I could easily imagine how I would share this course with my clients and make real progress."
– Jody M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a Zoom call during training?
The zoom calls are essential to your training. However, life happens so One on one sessions with Dr. Kutsko can be scheduled as make up sessions. (fee involved). Also, you have one year to complete your training, so if you need to skip a month, you can take the same module six months later. All modules are offered twice a year.
When can I begin training?
Training is offered to a new cohort each February.
Do I need prior counseling or coaching experience?
We welcome all levels of experience to join, whether you are an established counselor who would like to expand your skills or you have never coached before. The Soma Coaching Foundations module will cover all the basic principles you need to get started. Coaches will not work directly with trauma treatment, instead they are trained to follow the body in present moment time. Therapists will have opportunity to participate in advanced training modules working more specifically with treating trauma somatically. Check out the Therapist Track page for more information.
What is the refund policy?
Refunds are offered within 7 days after course begins with a $100 admin fee deducted. After this time, no refunds are offered.
Which eLearning platform will I be working with?
We developed our courses using Coassemble’s eLearning platform. You will learn how to successfully leverage this software during Zoom and webinar training.
How is this collaborative coaching?
 Dr. Kutsko provides the educational courses and webinars and you provide the coaching. You work cooperatively in the marketing, with mutual benefit to all coaches. The initial fee paid by new clients is shared. Coaches receive $100 and Dr. Kutsko $59  Additional coaching income outside of the Soma modules is 100% earned by coaches.  If marketing is a stumbling block to starting a coaching practice, you will love this model!